About Us

Our Australian co-founder has spent many years in the industry, but was so tired of not being able to find a product that didn’t irritate, or leave her skin looking and feeling dry.

Being a celebrity spray tanner, she was always conscious of what she was using, but never completely happy.

Then she met with our British co-founder and shared a mutual desire to produce a tanning product which would give a natural colour, moisturise skin and all with a pleasant fragrance started their journey to producing a tanning mousse they love!

Mindful that the ingredients had to be ethically sourced, be vegan and cruelty free, they set about the task of creating the most amazing blend.

Jam packed full of goodness and antioxidants, the product also had to be the lightest, fluffiest mousse that would develop into the richest, sexiest tan ever experienced.

Tantrixx will not only leave your skin feeling silky smooth, nourished and hydrated, but veiled in the most delicate coconut scent.

Experience the difference.